Technology Information Forecasting Assessment Council [TIFAC], Govt. of India organization given financial assistance for developing Clean Milk Production and Procurement to be organized with new technological introversion at the village level to improve the quality of milk production to International Standards and collection was launched in the December 2002 with the financial participation of Swedish based organization D-Level company and Kolar-Chikkaballapura Milk Union. Under this programme 20 Dairy Co-operative Societies were provided with Bulk Milk Coolers, Community Milking Machine, Computerized Milk Collection centers & Training to the farmers.

In 2 years of implementation of project 18,000 Ltrs/day milk was procured with a quality of 5 ½ Hr MBR time & SPC count of < 5,00,000 cfu/ml. It is used for the production of Ultra High Temperature [UHT] milk under the brand name of “Good life & Slim”, which are the premium products of Nandini. The movie on the success story of TIFAC project is enclosed in the soft copy. [CD enclosed] The success of this technological up-gradation at the village level and the response of the DCS & their farmers has led the Union to seek the financial assistance from Zilla Panchayat under the SGSY programme 5 more BMC centers were added. Further with the success a separate SGSY Dairy Development Project for Clean Milk Production under the Rural Development Department Govt. of India a project of 12.83 crores was prepared at the district level by Kolar-Chikkaballapura Milk Union and NABARD officers was submitted. On seeing successful implementation and results obtained at village level project was sanctioned first time in India Under this programme 50 Bulk Milk Coolers and Community Milking Machine Parlors are being installed.