Diary Activities

Under Co-operative sector, Kolar-Chikkaballapura Milk Union Limited (KOMUL) is totally autonomous organization. It functions through elected management committee. Operational area of union is restricted only to Kolar district comprising of 11 Taluks. In order to give more importance to dairy farming activities in rural area in turn to bring over all improvement in production and development, the Union is functioning with the following set of objectives they are:

  • To improve Dairy farming activities in rural area by establishing Milk producers co-operative societies (MPCS) under co-operative principles.
  • To provide assured and remunerative market round the year for the Milk produced by the producer members.
  • To provide package of technical inputs to its Milk producers for the enhancement of milk production. This includes facilities such as emergency visit service, Infertility camps, First Aid centers, Artificial insemination, Mass Vaccination programme against Foot and Mouth Disease, Vaccination against Thelariasis, Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, supply of balanced cattle feed at subsidies rate, Fodder development programmes, besides extension of education.
  • To provide necessary training for Dairy co-operative Society (DCS) staff and members of management committee. 
  • To facilitate rural development by providing self-employment opportunities for unemployed youths at village level. In other words to prevent migration of unemployed youths from rural area they’re by providing an opportunity for steady income.
  • To eliminate middleman by organising DSC owned and managed by producers themselves.
  • To provide quality milk and milk products to urban consumers at reasonable price.
  • Finally, to provide contact between producers in the village and consumers in the town, this acts as a bridge to bring society economics and changes in the society.