Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

“KOMUL is committed to supply safe Milk and Milk products to the satisfaction of customers

  1. By adopting accepted and appropriate methods and technology in procurement, processing, manufacturing packing and prompt delivery of milk and milk products.
  2. Maintaining by constant communication with all the parties involved in the food chain to achieve ultimate goal of supplying good quality milk and milk products.
  3. By complying with statutory and regulatory requirements.

This commitment is supported by measurable objectives and shall be reviewed for continued suitability from time to time.”

What prompted Kolar-Chikkaballapur Milk Union to go for Quality Milk Production?

  1. Quality prerequisite for growth and competitive edge .
  2. Need of High Quality Raw Milk for the production of “Good Life” brand UHT Milk.
  3. Need to produce Value Added Products like Cheese, Fruit based Drinking Yogurt and Set Curds etc.
  4. India being a signatory of WTO has to adhere to the standards laid down by the World Trade Body.
  5. The future of India’s dairy industry will have to be built on Quality.