“All that white is not Pure Milk”
All that thicker is not natural Milk
Think & Buy…

Some of the private dairies and milk venders have resorted to unethical trade practices in order to attract the consumers. They are:

  1. Mixing of harmful substances like corn floor, Corbozy Methyl Cellulose, Gum powder etc., to thicken the milk, which is injuries to health.
  2. Majority of the private milk supplies bring milk from far- off places of neighbouring states (nearly 300-500 Km). So, to avoid spoilage of milk they add harmful preservative like Hydrogen Peroxide, Washing soda, caustic soda, antibiotics etc., Which is against Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, and injurious to consumers health.

Watch out ! Don’t buy disease,

buy health from Milk